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Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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Dad called me up few hours before, interrupting me while I'm happily soaked in dirty bath water (!!!) telling me that they (my parents) will be going to watch a play at PJEFC, asking me if I would like to go. Hahaha, at first I was a little perplexed, I mean my parents going to watch a PLAY? Ok, that's so unexpected of them, but I agreed to anyways, it sounds fun. ^__^

Anyone going to watch it/watched it before? Reviews?

This is veeeeeeery random, but nonetheles..

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Yea, that's yesterday's dinner, don't ask me why I posted this up.. I just had the urge to do so. Seaweed soup with various ingredients, boiled in the slow cooker for approximately 3 hours before serving. =D Simple meals are the best!!
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