The odd panda with only one black-eye (mokomoko) wrote,
The odd panda with only one black-eye

2 0 0 9!!!!

New year resolutions, again?

Hm.. I don't know, I'm not good at keeping promises or resolutions but I'm not that bad either (given that there's something that lures me to keep my word). :P

Things to pick up:
01. Adobe Premier Pro (I only know its basic functions...)
02. 3D Studio Max
03. AutoCad (it's darn useful, even though it's not related to my field, picking it up from my housemate who does Interior Design)
04. Macromedia FreeHand (someone told me that it's awfully similiar to Illustrator?)
05. Macromedia Flash (again.. I'm stuck on the intermedia level and I hate action scripts)
06. Macromedia Dreamweaver (..can't really function it, am too used to hand coding XD)
07. Phyton
08. animate in 2D (this is strange, I can do 3D animation but not 2D. =_=)
09. Audio editing (recommend me some good programs)
10. Might pick up DJing or a course related to business administration.. hahahahha!!
11. Learn how to meditate properly.
12. CSS 3.0
01. Improve my mandarin <<------------ this isn't gonna happen!! 我还是香蕉人啊!!!!
02. the same goes for my Malay (I love the Malay language but somehow I'm annoyed by the constant adoption of foreign words by DBP)
03. My grammar suck... buck up on it.
04. Learn some real foreign language and not just phrases from movies, songs and animes. XDDDDDDDD Learning!!! =D

And I want this job!! 8DDDD
Tags: new year resolution
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