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Happy Lunar New Year!!


Wishing everyone a smooth sailing, joyous, successful and prosperous year ahead!!

To all the cool people in my flist:
Sorry for not commenting and stuffs, I'm here, reading your posts (actually I just got on the computer this morning, but I'm catching up haha), wow you guys write a lot. I don't know why but whenever I'm home I try to stay as far as I can from the computer, it wears me down and it isolates me from real life. ^^;;

Will be home till the 7th of Feb and then I'll have to pack up myself and move back to KL. =__= Sounds pretty bad huh? But at least I got a job at a pretty good advertising agency, the pay sucks but I'm a fresh grad.. and people with no experience have no rights to complain I guess. *sobs* The strange thing is that I snagged the job before I even graduate (or finish my final assessment...). ^^;;

Anyways, 10 minute's up! It's time to turn off this lappy and head out to see some awesome fireworks. :3 Cheers!
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