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Yili Balo Cafe/Coffee Slimming Cream

Oh hi, I'm not very into this beauty product reviewing trend but since I've seen so much misinformation about this product, I might as well help to clarify some things. :)

OK, so I bought a bottle of the Cafe version of the Yili Balo slimming cream instead of the chilli one because I was told by the seller that the chilli is a hotter version of the cream (hot as in... it feels REALLY hot when you apply it on your skin).

When I first got the product, I saw that there was a gold coloured sticker on the side of the tube where you can scrape parts of it off to reveal a 16 digit code number, which is used as a verification number for an authentic product. Thus I headed to the website to see if I could verify my code but I got lost there... haha. Here's the website if you're curious:

Anyways, on the website, there was a page that teaches you how to use the product properly, it gives you instructions about the amount of product to use and how to use it, warnings and other stuffs. The website isn't very helpful though if you can't read Chinese (it's not helpful at all....), so here I will do a brief translation, hope it helps. :D

PS: my translation skills sucks..... =___= thousand apologies!!!

*These are only suggestions on how to use the product by Yili.
1. First day: apply only very little, do not use more than 2cm of the product on any parts of the body. Do not reapply and do not use any cling wraps even if you don't feel any burning sensation,.

2. Second day: If you didn't feel any burning sensation on the first day, use a little more product this time but do not use too much. Do not use cling wraps.

3. Third day: If there isn't any burning sensation on the second day, it's ok if you don't increase the amount of product used. Use cling wraps, remove it when you start to feel a burning sensation. Otherwise, use the cling wrap for not more than 30 minutes.

4. Forth day: If there still isn't any burning sensation felt on the previous day, increase the amount of the product and use a cling wrap. Do not use the cling wrap for more than 30 minutes.

5. Fifth day: And if there isn't any burning sensation felt... then your body has rather good resistance towards burning sensation. You may try to use a cling wrap, then apply a hot pack for a little while.

FAQ (super brief translations....)
1. Between the chilli and the cafe version, which works better?
There isn't very much differences between the two except for the varying degree of burning sensation they produce. The cafe version is slightly hotter though. Our suggestion for first time users is to start with the chilli version, you may switch to the cafe version after you get used to the burning sensation.

2. The more product use leads to a hotter burning sensation, therefore better results?
Some customers can withstand burning sensations very well, so they might use a lot of the product on a go and they can see result in 2 to 3 days. But we strongly advice that you do not do this. Regarding on how much product to be used, it's up to how well you can take the burning sensation.

3. Some users use the product wrongly.
You wouldn't feel anything right after applying the cream until after 15 minutes. Our advise is to increase the product use bit by bit instead of using too much of it in a go. If the burning sensation gets too hot, do not rinse with water, it'll only make it hotter. You may try wiping it off with alcohol. Expect to feel a stronger burning sensation while you sweat.

4. Use a glove while applying the cream as you might also experience the burning sensation on your hands.

6. Yili Balo is suitable for both male and female.
But it's not advisable for pregnant women or those who've just given birth. Also, do not use it on your tummy during menstruation. And if you have the time, you may use it 2 to 3 times a day, just make sure that there is a 4 hours interval in between.

8. Some consumers do not feel any burning sensation after using, here are some of the reasons:
- some people are more resistant towards burning sensations, thus they'll need to use more product
- used too little product
- the product wasn't fully absorbed into the skin as you didn't massage after application
- being in an air-conditioned room. The product reacts according to temperature, you will feel less burning sensation while being in a cooler environment

9. Not everyone who uses Yili Balo will sweat after application, if you still don't feel any burning sensations, try the methods below:
- increase the amount of product used
- use cling wraps but do not exceed 30 minutes as there isn't any ventilation and therefore is not good for your body
- do some exercise

Coffee essence, natural chilli oil (essential oil?), 常春藤 (ivy??), seaweed essence, exceparl-Ho excel T-95, 1805-T, kalcol-8670, glycerin, water, MP, PP (can somebody tell me what are those ingredients???)

My experience...
Maybe I'm the sort of person who is very resistant towards this sort of burning sensations... thus, I don't feel much of it even after using 8cms of the product on each part. Yes, you heard me right, 8cms on my thigh, another 8cms on my calf. =___=;; All in all, I use a total of 16cms on each leg, every day and the heat isn't killing me.. and it's only my fourth day.

But I do realise that if I get under the hot sun while having this cream on, I'd feel like my legs are being baked alive! XDD It's that bad.

Oh and this stuff smells pretty good, it doesn't smell artificial and it reminds me of Nivea in a way (but not exactly), a light but pleasant scent. I'm pretty sure they put fragrance into the product but it's not listed on the ingredients list.

Let's all hope that I do get some result from this (I exercise daily!) because I really need to get rid of the extra fat that's been accumulating on my thighs!!!!! It's a wonder that I can maintain a 24” waistline but not nice calves and thighs. T________T;;;

That's all for my little report/review(?), hope it helps you. Also, if you notice any translation mistakes, please don't hesitate to correct me. Thanks for reading.

A little update: I've just put on a cling wrap on my left thigh, it's been 20 minutes and it's burning like an inferno, compared to my right thigh that feels nothing at all. Ok, I'm going to remove that cling wrap now, it's killing me. XDDD;; So really, if you feel nothing at all, try to cling wrap that area of your body, it might just work. All the best!

Will upload pictures later.... as I'm back using dial-up while waiting for our CoolUniPack. >.>;;

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