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Celestial equator

The odd panda with only one black-eye
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.mokomoko is sometimes known as Crystal, NYP, 神经死猴子 and lately, holywasabi. Is a student and a part-time full-time (promoted!) slacker. People around her describes her as being horribly evil, benign, silly, talkative, friendly, warm and plain, she's (almost) always mistaken for a kid due to her shortness and chubby cheeks. Appriciates the beauty of mother nature, the diversity of sounds and the wisdom of words. Loves talking, crapping, debating, taking pictures, drawing and above all, doing nothing at all.....

Though she isn't very good at making friends or leaving good first impressions, she'd still hope that she'll be able to meet interesting and nice people here and there. =3

music, languages, cultures of the world, art, handicrafts, freedom of speech, open-mindedness, black and white photography, nice but honest people, originality, experimenting with make up, Japanese street fashion, colours, BLACK, eco-friendly products, Mother Nature, sunflowers, stormy weather, rain, peace and harmony, spending time with the people she loves and cares, her childhood memories.

immature behaviours, racism, stickycaps, mean people, the waste of money and precious resources, cruelty in all forms, gossip, being sick, sleep deprivation, unfairness, acne, incosiderating people, arrogant fools, dirty housemates, her silliness.

★Lj-less friends★
Best friend - Serena
Big Brother - Vincent
Miss Raccoon - Angela
Guitar girl - Cheryl
Mamaron - Sharon
Tomato Girl - Chloe
SUPAvisor - Jamie
Peonut - Chiu
zgmfx20a - CH

★Other interesting reads★
Rocky's Bru

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